Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect for 30 Years



Using our application and our model.

The benefits of joining Family Development Resources are many. Our model of administering assessments has been fine tuned, our inventories are valid and reliable, our programs have been nurturing families for 25 years, and our application is solid and user friendly.

Here's why:

  • Custom Web Application. Makes it easy to record, score, and analyize the results of the data, anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost Savings. The ease in which data can be entered and analyzed will dramatically reduce staff time in manually scoring each inventory.
  • Accuracy. Let the application do the scoring for you. Once the demographic information and the responses to the items have been entered, the application automatically scores and stores the data. Scoring errors go down: accuracy goes up.
  • Data Privacy. Only the agency staff assigned to the account will have access to the data. Industry standard encryption is used to store your passwords and any sensitive data.
  • Data Export. The application allows you to export saved data into a spreadsheet program that converts easily to other statistical programs for more in-depth analyses.
  • Data Storage The online data is stored on multiple servers at multiple locations for reliability. There are also hourly and offsite backups. At the end of each Program, staff are encouraged to download and save their data on their hard drive or on a CD or DVD.
  • Participant Profiles. Assessing Parenting provides downloadable copies of the Parenting Profile. Norms and standard deviations are also provided along with the dates of the first and latest administration for each client.
  • Program Profiles. All data are stored in Programs. Programs are the various interventions offered by an agency. Storing data by Programs allows agency staff to review the outcome data of specific interventions, and provide hard data for funding sources.


Encryption - Industry standard encryption is used to store your passwords and any sensitive data.

Login and password reset forms are encrypted using industry standard Transport Layer Security.

Passwords are never sent through email, only links are sent that enable you to confirm an account or reset your current password over a secure channel.


Multiple Locations - Our backup database server resides in a different availability zone then our main database server. Availability Zones are distinct locations that are designed to be insulated from failures in other zones. This allows our new site to be protected from possible failures in a single location.

Hourly Backups - Full database backups occur at an hourly rate and the last 4 are stored on the local database server.

Offsite Backups - The last 20 database backups are stored offsite and are transferred and encrypted using GPG encryption.

Valid and Reliable

The inventories are accurately scored by the program based on a formula that has under gone extensive development in establishing acceptable levels of reliability and validity.

This process produces a fast and accurate profile for the participate. The profile can assist in finding a parenting program or aid in making evaluations.

Customer Service

Here at Family Development, we are dedicated to staying technologically ahead, and providing our agents with a safe, secure database to record and store their information quickly and efficiently.

We are also continuing to work on new assessments and programs to empower professionals to help parents improve their parenting and child rearing skills.


Family Development Resources

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