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Assessing Parenting

A product of Family Development Resources.

Assessing Parenting is a online application that scores and records inventory assessments of participants. Agencies can then access profile and program data for reporting and intervention. All this from a web application that is fast, friendly, and available anytime, anywhere there is internet.

Site Features

The application has many great features, like the ability to organize participant into programs, download individual and group profiles, add multiple users, and set up and control satellite agencies for multiple locations. In addition, Assessing Parenting is easy to use and is reliable and secure.

Our Commitment

Here at Family Development, we are dedicated to staying technologically ahead, and providing our agents with a safe, secure database to record and store their information quickly and efficiently. We are also continuing to work on new assessments and programs to empower professionals to help parents improve their parenting and child rearing skills.


These inventories are accurately scored by the program based on a formula that has under gone extensive development in establishing acceptable levels of reliability and validity. This process produces a fast and accurate profile for the participate. The profile can assist in finding a parenting program or aid in making evaluations.


Assessing Parenting records and stores participant profiles in program groups. This individual or group data can be downloaded into a csv file that is compatible with most spreadsheet applications. The participant profiles can also be downloaded as a pdf. For a more in depth analysis Family Development has a team of statisticians to review agency programs.

Family Development

Here at Family Development Resources we are committed to preventing child abuse and neglect. Dr. Stephen Bavolek has published Inventory Assessments and Nurturing Programs that are designed to help families create a nurturing environment.

Web Application

In joining the team at FDR, you not only get the benefit of using our valid and reliable inventories you also get to use our cutting edge internet software application.

Some of the benefits:

  • Fast, reliable and secure.
  • Available anytime and anywhere there is internet.
  • Safe, accurate scoring.
  • Provides data for funding.

Parenting Programs

Family Development Resources publishes only reliable and valid assessment tools that work in harmony with evidence-based parenting programs to ensure families meet and maintain a level of parenting competence that allow children to grow and flourish in nurturing environments.

Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek

Dr. Bavolek has received numerous international, national, state and local awards for his work, including induction in 1989 into the Royal Guild of the International Social Work Round Table in Vienna, Austria.

In addition, he has been selected by Oxford's Who's Who in 1993 as a member of the Elite Registry of Extraordinary Professionals and in 1998 as a member of the Elite Registry of Extraordinary CEO's.


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